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Demonstrating at the Gulf Coast Conference Booth 517 at NRG Park in Houston on Oct. 20th and 21st

Austin, TX (October 20, 2015) - 

1st Detect Corporation, a subsidiary of Astrotech (NASDAQ: ASTC), will unveil its new iONTRAC Process Chemical Analyzer at the Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) being held Oct. 20th and 21st at the NRG Park in Houston at Booth 517.


“Our new iONTRAC Process Chemical Analyzer monitors and displays real-time analysis, thereby redefining the chemical detection marketplace,” stated Bob Kibler, CEO of 1st Detect. “While delivering laboratory performance, the cost effective, continuous analyzer can greatly improve the throughput and efficiency of industrial processing while providing customers with ‘All the Data, All the Time.’ At the GCC, we will demonstrate its unique features that combine selectivity, speed and sensitivity with user-friendly software and ease of operation.”


Most process and ambient monitors are limited to a small number of chemicals. The iONTRAC high performance chemical analyzer measures the entire sample, enabling detection of unexpected excursion events, chemical reactions and contamination in the manufacturing process.


“Astrotech is committed to developing and commercializing our emerging disruptive technology,” said Thomas B. Pickens III, Chairman and CEO of Astrotech Corporation. “With this iONTRAC release, we are introducing the ultimate process chemical analyzer that can be placed on the factory floor for real-time, in-situ and autonomous process control. With applications in food and beverage production lines, semiconductor, airport security, military, pharma, environmental and research, we believe the multi-billion dollar market opportunity is large and growing.”


About GCC

The Gulf Coast Conference is a non-profit organization oriented toward the education and advancement of knowledge of Chemical Analysis Technology associated with the Petrochemical, Refining, and Environmental fields, and will forward this goal through annual technical meetings, regular communications, and training courses focused on these fields.


About 1st Detect Corporation and Astrotech Corporation

1st Detect, a subsidiary of Astrotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ASTC), develops, manufactures and sells chemical analyzers that streamline processes for industrial use in the food & beverage, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, research and environmental markets as well as for government applications used in explosive and chemical warfare detection for the Department of Homeland Security and the military. The company’s miniature mass spectrometry technology was first developed under an agreement with NASA for use on the International Space Station. 1st Detect offers a breakthrough miniaturized mass spectrometer that fills an unmet need by being highly accurate, rapid, lightweight and cost-effective. For more information on 1st Detect Corporation, please visit

Astrotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ASTC) identifies and commercializes emerging, disruptive technologies through its closely held subsidiaries. Management employs creativity in execution as well as sources investment opportunities from various government laboratories, agencies, universities and corporations, as well as through its own internal research. Demonstrating its entrepreneurial strategy, Astrotech management sold its state-of-the-art satellite servicing operations to Lockheed Martin in August 2014. Astrotech has operations throughout Texas and is headquartered in Austin. For information please visit


Other subsidiaries follow: Astral Images, sourced from decades of image research from the laboratories of IBM and Kodak combined with classified satellite technology from government laboratories, sells film to digital image enhancement, defect removal and color correction software and post processing services providing economically feasible conversion of television and feature 35mm and 16mm films to the new 4K ultra-high definition (UHD), high-dynamic range (HDR) format necessary for the new generation of digital distribution. Astrogenetix, sourced from NASA’s extensive microgravity research, is applying a fast-track on-orbit discovery platform using the International Space Station to develop vaccines and other therapeutics.


Marketing and PR Contact

Joshua Elbaum

VP, Marketing, Astrotech Corporation/1st Detect Corporation

+1 (512) 485-9530


IR Contact

Cathy Mattison and Kirsten Chapman


+1 (415) 433-3777

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