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Sha-Chelle Manning

Director, Corporate Innovation, Pioneer Natural Resources


Sha-Chelle Manning is the Director of Corporate Innovation of Pioneer Natural Resources, a large independent oil and gas exploration company. Ms. Manning also held a Managing Director position for Nanoholdings, LLC, a Vice President position at Authentix and a Director of Alliances position at Zyvex. Ms. Manning was a consultant to the Office of the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, where she led the development of the Texas nanotechnology strategic plan.


Ms. Manning brings to our Board a wide range of experience in management and executive strategic
consulting for the companies, Lockheed Martin, HRL Labs, Zyvex Labs and Texas A&M University
focusing on high-technology solutions or services. Additionally, her interaction with local, state and federal governments throughout her career provides significant experience with government affairs, particularly in the State of Texas.

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