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Company Vehicle Launch Site Launch Date Mission or Payload
SPACEHAB Endeavour KSC Aug 8, 2007 STS-118 (LSM & ESP3)
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Dec 9, 2006 STS-116 (SPACEHAB LSM & ICC)
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC July 4, 2006 STS-121 (ICC)
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Jul 26, 2005 STS-114 (ESP-2)
SPACEHAB Columbia KSC Jan 16, 2003 STS-107, RDM
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Aug 10, 2001 STS-105, ICC
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Mar 8, 2001 STS-102, ICC
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC Sep 8, 2000 STS-106, LDM/ICC
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC May 19, 2000 STS-101, LDM/ICC
SPACEHAB Columbia KSC Jul 23, 1999 STS-93, STARS
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC May 27, 1999 STS-96, LDM/ICC
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Oct 29, 1998 STS-95, SM
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Jun 2, 1998 STS-91, LSM/SHUCS
SPACEHAB Endeavour KSC Jan 22, 1998 STS-89, LDM
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC Sep 25, 1997 STS-86, LDM
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC May 15, 1997 STS-84, LDM
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC Jan 12, 1997 STS-81, LDM
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC Sep 16, 1996 STS-79, LDM
SPACEHAB Endeavour KSC May 19, 1996 STS-77, SM
SPACEHAB Atlantis KSC Mar 22, 1996 STS-76, SM
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Feb 3, 1995 STS-63, SM
SPACEHAB Discovery KSC Feb 3, 1994 STS-60, SM
SPACEHAB Endeavour KSC Jun 21, 1993 STS-57, SM

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