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Astrotech Space Operations (ASO) has been a global satellite processing leader since 1981. With over 300 successful spacecraft missions to date, Astrotech continues to provide adaptable and flexible services for its government and commercial customers.

To find more information about ASO’s services, please click here. ASO owns and operates state-of-the-art payload processing facilities in both Florida and California. Our launch facilities provide ideal processing areas for a wide range of spacecraft including complex communications, earth observation, and deep space satellites. Astrotech’s facilities can accommodate 5-meter class spacecraft weighing up to 11,000 pounds (5,000 kilograms).

ASO provides all support necessary for successful spacecraft processing to prepare for launch on a variety of domestic and foreign launch vehicles. Spacecraft undergo pre-launch hardware integration and testing, satellite encapsulation, and fueling before transport to the pad. To view video and photos, view the Astrotech gallery.

At the forefront of the commercial space industry, ASO currently enjoys over 90 percent of the domestic satellite service market. To see a full list of past ASO missions, go to the Astrotech Missions page.

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